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RAEGR Arc 1350 wireless charging mat review: Works well

RAEGR Arc 1350 wireless charging mat review: Works well

The best thing about the RAEGR Arc 1350 is the fact that it automatically between 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W depending on the device. And this is no mean feat, given that a higher charging voltage and damage a device too.

One of the things Apple promised to bring and has been unsuccessful at has been the AirPower charging mat which was supposed to be able to charge different devices like the Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. However, it seemed to have proved to be a tech challenge, especially for a company obsessed with perfection.

However, there are many other companies that have launched charging mats for those with multiple devices that have wireless charging capabilities. We just tested the RAEGR Arc 1350 with these charging zones.

The RAEGR Arc 1350 is a slim mat which is powered by a USB-C cable at the back. It is stylish and fill sit on your work table and blend into the rest of the stuff there. It is also quite lightweight and can easily slip into your laptop bag in case you want to take it for your trip, whenever the pandemic will let us do that.