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RAEGR AirDrums 400 TWS Mini Bluetooth Speaker: Loud volume, deep Bass

RAEGR AirDrums 400 TWS Mini Bluetooth Speaker: Loud volume, deep Bass

Like to blast your music on the move! Raegr has the truly wireless stereo mini Bluetooth speakers for you to buy in 2020. It’s impactful and ground-breaking. RAEGR AirDrums 400 is a speaker that performs against the looks and gives an amazing output. Mini Bluetooth speakers are in high demand these days. RAEGR AirDrums 400 TWS Mini Bluetooth Speakers are portable, lightweight, stylish, and long-lasting than ever before—not to mention affordable. Suitable for leisure, entertainment, office, indoor, outdoor, etc.

RAEGR AirDrums 400 TWS Mini Bluetooth Speaker comes with a quite gorgeous minimalist design. These speakers are built strong to last long with high-quality polymers. It’s compact yet powerful with a boxy shape along with the rounded edges making it easy to carry. Feather-light very balanced in terms of weight distribution. It weighs approximately 56.5 grams which is insane because of the sound this small pocket bomb can produce given that it is a 3W speaker. These are truly wireless Bluetooth speakers which can be placed anywhere and still get that stereo effect missed in a regular stereo speaker. Included Nylon lanyard is strong and durable, which enables you to hang the speaker on a backpack or bicycle easily.
Now groove to your favorite music for long with 520mAh rechargeable lithium battery. These speakers demonstrates a great execution of battery management without compromising quality. You get 10 hours of battery life, given its compact in the size. It takes only 1 and a half hours to charge fully from 0% to 100%. Built-In Microphone allows you to answer calls easily. No more hassle, switching devices or audio output when receiving a call on your phone. Also, if you’re looking for a small portable audio set-up with your laptop, these are perfect.
RAEGR AirDrums 400 supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It has lower power consumption than Bluetooth 4.2 with faster transmission, stronger anti-interference ability and a more stable signal without any delay. This wireless speaker is compatible with multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones.
Presenting the crystal-clear stereo sound at the output, the AirDrums 400 delivers just the perfect highs. They are pretty crisp yet not harsh. So, you would love listening to music on this speaker. The lows are pretty decent, the mids are excellent as the voice clarity is superb. Get enough thump. Feel the base. Tingle with the treble and keeps you moving.
These speakers are sold as a single unit and a 2-pack unit. If you are an owner of two units of Airdrums 400 you can establish a stereo system by connecting them both. TWS technology helps the pairing between two units automatically and requires no human interference other than turning on the speakers. The stereo effect is mesmerizing.
The contents of the box are as follows:
[1] RAEGR’s AirDrums 400 speaker(s) with 3 watts output
[2] High-quality fast charge supporting micro-USB cable(s)
[3] Handy little lanyard(s) to carry the speakers
[4] Warranty card + User manual
RAEGR AirDrums 400 comes with 1 year of warranty by default, and an additional 6 months of extended warranty by online registration. Start jamming to your favorite tunes and experience 3D stereo sound in a small package, with AirDrums 400 a decent choice.