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RAEGR AirBeats 500 wireless headphones: To compliment your active lifestyle!

RAEGR AirBeats 500 wireless headphones: To compliment your active lifestyle!

Shopping for wireless headphones today can be an overwhelming experience because of the sheer amount of options you can choose from. The market is swelling with workout-friendly headphones that’ll help amp-up your fitness routine. So what’s the specialty of these workout headphones? They are built to endure exposure against water, dust, sweat and to deliver impeccable comfort, and an excellent audio experience.
Universal compatibility with most smartphones, PC’s and Tablets, high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 chip for ultra-stable connectivity and faster pairing that’s what makes RAEGR AirBeats 500 different from other headphones. The major attraction of these wireless Bluetooth headphones is that even if they are wireless you get a stable transmission.
The most crucial aspect of any audio device is its audio quality. It provides a thumping bass to fuel your fun and fitness workout sessions. They are the best ones worth your attention to give you a luxury sound quality on a budget.
To make listening a higher quality experience, highs, mids & lows, the 3 major components in terms of pitches and frequencies need to be proportionately balanced.

  • Highs
    The bits or layers in music consisting of high-intensity pitches and frequencies. Not too sharp, and not dull, the AirBeats 500 delivers just the perfect amount of highs.
  • Lows
    The bits or layers in music that consist of low-intensity pitches & frequencies. AirBeats 500 gives you the deepest and lowest to the shallowest and highest Super sick lows.
  • Mids
    The bits or layers in music which consist of medium intensity pitches & frequencies. This is where all the pitches between the highs/treble and lows/bass in the audio spectrum reside. The mids are completely perfect in Airbeats 500 neither explicitly “sharp” sounding, nor explicitly “deep”; everything just in between.

RAEGR AirBeats 500 comes with an adjustable slide design supporting wireless connection via Bluetooth inclusive of 3.5 mm AUX slot. It is an ideal travel & sports companion having a matte finished flat-folding stylish design. A high-quality product made from strong and durable polymer materials, extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. An adjustable headband with a unique pattern for enhanced grip, to keep your headset stay in place.
Its soft, breathable and washable ear cushions provide great comfort over long listening sessions. In addition to the default black ear cup cushions you get an extra pair of cushions either green or red for your perfect fitness regime. Pairing these headphones with your casual attire will create a style statement.
You get a simply beautiful synthetic leather carry pouch to carry your audio in style and to protect them from the external craps.
With the IP rating of IPX4, the AirBeats 500 are splash-proof. Fitness freaks need not to worry about your sweat damaging your headset as RAEGR AirBeats 500 is sweatproof. Being a rainproof headset a sudden drizzle or rain won’t affect the working of your headset.
Compatible with all smartphones RAEGR AirBeats 500 is ideal for a traveller since the backup is astonishing! Enjoy your favorite tracks for a long time without any disruption. RAEGR AirBeats 500 has an extremely high capacity battery providing upto 10 hours of continuous playback time showcasing cool implementation of battery management. These headphones charge completely from 0% to 100% in ~2.5 hours. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection ensures absolute minimum power depletion from your phone (4-5% decrease in phone battery over 10 hours of continuous music through the earphones). RAEGR has even included a fast charging micro-USB cable in the box!
Unparalleled volume level personally crafted by whizzes these headsets can help you, have quick control over the music, calls, volume adjustments, track change, etc. It has a built-in microphone to give the user a hands-free calling experience. A user can stay connected to both a laptop and a mobile simultaneously. Just power on your headphones and they get instantly connected to the device paired.
Run, cycle, sprint or hike – whatever your sport, choose a pair of RAEGR AirBeats 500 headphones that are stylish, comfy, incredibly durable, and capable of delivering amazing sound quality that can keep up with your pace.
You get a super beneficial 1.5 year warranty period (1 year out the box+ 6 months upon online registration)

What’s In the Box?
[1] RAEGR’s AirBeats 500 headphones
[2] High-quality fast charge supporting micro-USB cable
[3] High-quality AUX cable
[4] Soft-felt carrying pouch
[5] Extra green/red pair of breathable cushions
[6] Warranty card + User manual